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Links of the Quarter: March 2017

The events of the last three months have made it increasingly clear that we’re well into the first wave of global industrial civilization’s collapse. There’s been an astonishing increase in extreme weather events and climate anomalies, attesting to the rapid … Continue reading

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you have tethered the big rubber dinghy to a tree on the sea shore so it floats, just off the beach and the three of us climb aboard and, as you insist, put on silk blindfolds and nestle down on … Continue reading

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The Jellyfish, the Silverfish, and Me

photo by Mitchell Kaneshkevich About 650 million years ago, jellyfish evolved with, most likely, the first eyes of any creature on the planet. At first, apparently, these were only capable of  distinguishing shades of light and dark. It is not … Continue reading

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