Flying at Four Hundred Feet

Some shots from the new digs in Coquitlam BC. It’s a little like living in an airplane taxiing very slowly in to land. I’m under the weather, but feeling blessed to have found a place. Inside, the chaos of unpacking continues.

View to the northeast. Lake Lafarge with its fountains, bandshell and red theatre centre are visible centre right. Six of the more-than-mile-high mountains of the Coast Range are in the background.

View to the east, with the Pitt River and Coast Range mountains beyond.

View to the southeast. On a clear day, there are mountains visible all around, and on such days the perpetually snow-capped Mt Baker looms astonishingly far above the horizon.

View to the north, at dusk.

View to the east, at dusk.

Night view from the lower level.

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2 Responses to Flying at Four Hundred Feet

  1. Christopher vanDyck says:

    How did you get the penthouse? Or is that just a common area. Looks beautiful! I wish you well in your new community. I hope you find a good community center or a good church,or whatever floats your boat in that regard. It’s sometimes the hardest thing for me to find that right group of folks when I moved to a new tourist town.

  2. Paul Steer says:

    Thank you for the photographic record of the place where you are. Looking down to the streets around you, I now have a general sense of where you are: within walking distance of a very large shopping mall; not far from a Chrysler dealership where I once bought a used car. You mentioned that you were feeling under the weather. I hope that by now you are feeling better and that you feel inclined to take on the unpacking!

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