Nothing Is Required

comic by Reza Farazmand

Nothing is required
for things to appear exactly as they appear.

Time is not required:
for time is just something we imagine
because we can’t make sense of

Causality and consequence are not required:
There is no sequence, no order to appearances.
They are just appearances, not even random.
No appearance is required
in order for another appearance to be possible.
Every appearance is possible, already.

Conditioning is not required:
Trauma, it would seem,
is a preconditioning to genocide, for example,
but conditioning is just an explanation,
a rationalization, a mental placing
of cart before horse
and the hitching of the two together.
That may ‘make sense’, but it is not necessary.
The genocidal cart
and the traumatized horse
are, likewise, just labels, explanations
when no label or explanation is needed.

Awareness, and a conscious self are not required:
Science may ponder about the connection
between what is real
and what can be measured
but there is no need for a measurement,
no need even for a measurer
for things to appear to appear as they appear.

Purpose and meaning are not required:
Our whole model of reality,
steeped in hope and reason
and intention and direction
needs ‘us’ to hold the model together,
needs a purpose to say where it is going
and meaning to say where it has been,
but the model is just a model,
something ‘we’ made up to feel better—
What appears is not going anywhere
and it has not come from anywhere

Fairness and justice are not required:
These are just ‘our’ judgements,
the making sense
of what need not make sense.
The making of meaning
of what need have no meaning.
“What is the meaning of this?”
is a rhetorical question.

Higher authorities are not required:
Gaia winks at the notion of gods and spirits,
someone or something to blame
or to rescue us from what, ‘we’ are sure
has somehow gone wrong.
Gaia knows better: There is no wrong,
and no authority to label it so.

Neither compassion nor inurement is required:
Though ‘we’ cannot help but care,
our caring’s just projection. a longing
for our feelings to be shared.
And though ‘we’ cannot help but fear,
inurement’s just the longing, in times
when the suffering’s too much to bear,
to feel and care less.
What appears does not care what we feel.

Love is not required:
Human love is just a gnawing need
to feel less alone, less one’s ‘self’,
less haunted by the seeming empty hole
of separation, a hole
that can never be filled
because there is no separation.
What appears is not in need of filling;
it is empty of empty holes.

The universe does not care about us,
or anything. Neither does it “not care”:
It takes no position. It sees no cruelty, or kindness.
It does not even witness us, silently.
It does not recognize us:
We are but figments of our own reality.

Einstein suggested that what we call matter
might be just the infinite field of possibilities
(that we call ‘spacetime’)
folding itself in a particular way,
a ripple appearing in a flow,
for no reason.

To our abject terror, anything is possible,
everything is in free-fall, there is just
chaos appearing as order—
not sometimes, but also.
Nothing is under control.

Everything just appears, but not in time —
nothing disappears.
It doesn’t appear where it was not,
or cease to appear where it once was.
There is no end and no beginning.

Everything just appears. Nothing is required.


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2 Responses to Nothing Is Required

  1. Vera says:

    I don’t think you’ve addressed two issues your musings bring up for me… One being, that the people you listen to and believe (on this topic) do not live what they preach. They say there are no consequences… but if they actually lived it they would not make it through a busy intersection alive. Or through a hike on some lovely yet treacherous English cliffs above the sea.

    The other is the claim that nobody is selling anything. Of course they are. Some of them jet around the world to sell their presentations. Others organize expensive workshops. Yet others fundraise via youtube videos. (?)

  2. A wonderfully lucid and engaging reflection. This is one of those rare writings that expresses life as it simply appears while fully acknowledging the depth of our human filters and beliefs. Beautifully composed, unerringly observed, empathetic and yet uncompromising; words to savor and share.
    Thank you.

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