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If Your Whole Life Was Filmed, Would You Watch the Re-Runs?

Dale Asberry has been working on a Personal Knowledge Management project that essentially treats your hard drive as an extension of your memory — an easily retrievable ‘aide-mÈmoire’ like speaker’s notes or mnemonics. Dale’s idea is to use tools akin … Continue reading

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The Page as Tableau, the Mind as Visitable Place, and Collective Knowledge as Landscape

Earlier this week I wrote about wikis as a potential tableau of the human mind, navigated by auto-generated mind-maps. I’ve been thinking more about this, and specifically more about the fundamental unit of wikis (and the Internet as a whole): … Continue reading

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Wikis: A Tool for a Democratic Revolution in Business?

The Social Networking Landscape The best part of my visit to San Jose has been, perhaps not surprisingly, the social networking between the KMWorld & Intranets presentations on social networking. To any conference attendees visiting How to Save the World … Continue reading

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Message to My Readers

Every once in awhile I feel the need to shake the casual journalistic pretense of this blog and just talk out loud. If reading stream of consciousness blogging is not your thing, you can skip this post — you won’t … Continue reading

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More on The Cost of Not Knowing and Where KM is Going

The Idea: A current state overview of KM, with particular emphasis on Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) and The Cost of Not Knowing. I had the great pleasure of speaking, alongside Howard Deane, CKO of KPMG Canada, with the students and … Continue reading

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A couple of my readers have asked what I’m going to do ‘for a living’ next. They’re curious how a guy who’s written a book on how to start your own business could be mostly still looking for his next … Continue reading

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Last week I wrote about Personal Productivity Improvement (PPI) and the fact that the methodology I’d developed assumed people were good at managing their workflow, and just needed help using the knowledge, technology and learning resources at their disposal to … Continue reading

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Dave Snowden has a lot of nerve. The founder of the IBM Cynefin Centre doesn’t stop at saying that collecting ‘best practices’ and most other accepted Knowledge Management activities are largely fruitless (he makes an exception for standard practices in … Continue reading

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One of my peers in the badly-named discipline of Knowledge Management is IBM’s complexity guru, Dave Snowden. Last year Dave wrote a paper entitled Managing for Serendipity, which I really enjoyed. Dave appears to share my disdain for the context-free … Continue reading

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