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When Size is a Disadvantage: My Air Canada Story

Yesterday I arrived at Montreal Airport at about 4:30pm for my 6pm return flight to Toronto. I was surprised to note that it was already listed as ‘delayed’, scheduled to depart at 6:30pm. I got my boarding pass from the … Continue reading

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Is Big Business Lazy?

A discussion of why big organizations are inherently inefficient and grow more indolent as they grow more profitable, and why we all work harder than we have to. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being lazy. I believe it’s … Continue reading

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Body Language: Three Public Transit Stories

If you drive everywhere and never take public transit (or if you don’t dare take it) you miss out on some extraordinary experiences. Here are three of mine: A few years ago I was on a noisy and crowded streetcar … Continue reading

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‘Business’ Advice for Young Adults (and Their Parents & Teachers)

At the conference I attended last week, the author of a new, unfinished book tentatively entitled Spike’s Guide to Success made a 10-minute pitch in which he presented the entire thesis of the book: That according to his research, interviewing … Continue reading

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Are Americans Politically Ignorant, Apathetic, or Both?

I don’t know when this article will appear on How to Save the World. At time of writing, Radio Userland has been down for over 40 hours, and there is no word from anyone when they will be back online … Continue reading

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Green News

“I feel betrayed by these statements. Bono and Geldof have made our job more difficult”: So says George Monbiot, commenting on what happens when a few naive, well-meaning celebrities get conned by slick corporatist propaganda artists into endorsing regressive policies … Continue reading

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Polite Conversation

I‘ve been at a conference for the last couple of days, and have spent a significant portion of that time eavesdropping on conversations. Aside from the obvious observations (that most people don’t listen, and that men do most of the … Continue reading

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Finding Your Place

Common Dreams recently published an article by Huck Gutman, a man who had the opportunity to spend a week in New York City. While he partook of the usual visitor experiences in the city, what struck him most was this … Continue reading

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The Cartoon Mastery of Robert Weber

Artist Robert Weber has been turning out some of the cleverest cartoons anywhere for thirty years. The one above is from this week’s New Yorker. You can buy prints of his work here.

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Bad Medicine

Every once in awhile a story comes along that you can’t summarize or add to, all you can do is urge people to read it. Rob Waters, the guy who recently blew the lid off the irresponsible prescription of antidepressants … Continue reading

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