Dean Walker Interviews Dave on Collapse, Grief & Non-Duality

This is a long (55min) and very indulgent interview that Dean did with me last week. He asks great questions, and lets me ramble on (perhaps a bit too much). It’s probably the closest to the real “me” that’s ever been recorded. Thanks so much Dean! Dean’s podcast is part of the Living Resilience website.

For those who subscribe to the feed and who therefore can’t see the video and my smiling face above, you can find it here. Apologies for my fuzzy sun-bleached appearance; I just didn’t have the heart to go inside where the video would be crisper, on such a beautiful day.

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2 Responses to Dean Walker Interviews Dave on Collapse, Grief & Non-Duality

  1. Robin Datta says:

    A polarizing filter might have cut out much if not most of the glare.
    A list of the URLs mentioned could be useful if included in this post.

  2. Dave Pollard says:

    Thanks Robin. Other than my book (out of print, though copies are available through , and my blog and the Group Works deck (, I think the only URL I referred to in my talk was , the non-profit medical research organization that synthesizes research on the connection between diet/nutrition and health.

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