Negative Assertions

I have nothing to tell you.
These words don’t mean what you think.
What you see here, and there, isn’t what’s actually happening.
We’re not really here.

That gorgeous colour, in the sunset, doesn’t exist.
That bird chirping in that tree, there, isn’t the same bird that was chirping a second ago.
The clock on your wall, telling the time, isn’t telling you anything.

Your love for them isn’t about them at all.
What you remember is no more real than what you imagine.
You can’t get there from here.

There was no Big Bang.
There is no moment under the moment.
There is no lightness of being, bearable or unbearable.

The end is not the end, or the beginning. Or any place in between.
There is no waiting, even for Godot, or TS Eliot.
That never happened.

It doesn’t get any better than this. Or any worse.
There is no choice.
It isn’t too late, or too soon.
You have no idea.

I’m not telling you this.
I have nothing to tell you.

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5 Responses to Negative Assertions

  1. Geez Dave that’s a slow and gut-busting way of saying nothing. It’s even harder to write great poetry. Start by lightening up, the cosmic joke is just what it claims to be.

  2. … and that is poetry

  3. David Beckemeier says:

    “What you remember is no more real than what you imagine.” Sounds about right, hmmm,, wonder what implications that has for our court system when we ask witness’s to ‘remember’ what happened.

  4. Charlie Stein says:

    I use the ravens “never mind” on occasion, thanks for the reminder to let that one go.

    And BTW I am not reading this.

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