“and i thought i saw someone who seemed — at last! — to know the truth; i was mistaken: only a child laughing in the sun.”

 — david crosby

one day, everything will be free.

one day, we will again belong to the earth, and not remember that we once believed the earth belonged to us.

one day, there will be no signs of progress.

one day, there will be no need for ‘stores’.

one day, we will be able to see the path through the woods.

one day, we will let the ravens and the whales and the wolf cubs teach us how to play.

one day, we will know the real truth.

one day, the water will be safe to drink.

one day, we will not have to fuck the pain away.

one day, when we go we will leave no footprint.

grizzly fishing

one day, source waters and freshwater creatures will flow unimpeded down all the earth’s rivers to the sea, and the waters will so teem with life that bears will be able to feed by simply sitting in the stream with their mouths open.

one day, we will not run for shelter when it rains.

one day, we will not need words to know we are loved or to show that we love.

one day, we will all be wild.

one day, we will understand what the chickadees have been telling us.

one day, the dragons will return.

one day, we will not care that the lovely rain and warming sun washed away our drawings.

one day, we will know enough to be ‘unsettled’.

one day, we will have nowhere to go.

one day, the night sky will be silent and alive.


one day, our principal canvasses will be our bodies.

one day, the wind will whisper secrets that we couldn’t hear before.

one day, we will remember how to sleep in trees.

one day, we will learn to walk like foxes.

one day, we will not need the word ‘should’.

one day, the last of our species will die, unnoticed.

one day, we will not have to be ‘mindful’.

one day, we will answer the coyote’s call.

one day, we will not be afraid.

one day, we will really see.

one day, we will just be.

one day, this beautiful, complex, unfathomable world will be enough.

one day, everything will be free.


(Credits: The second last line of this poem was adapted from this excerpt from this video by Tim Minchin, which also inspired this poem’s title; the first (and last) line of the poem is the title of this interesting-sounding new film about intentional communities in Haiti; both the stylized O logo in the title and the grizzly image were sent to me and I cannot find their original sources online; the image of the Amazonian girl is from the film Baraka.)


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5 Responses to Enough

  1. bart raguso says:

    bravo, let it loose brother,you know we are all yearning for one day!
    when we quietly observe our reactions and observations, but do not “attach” our mind’s heavyweight preoccupations. I do not want to stop “fffing” the pain away. Isn’t that what it is for?

  2. Cheryl Long says:

    I’ve always yearned to go back in time … when we connected more with the earth, than with our purses.

  3. Ben Pennings says:

    Thanks Dave, much appreciated. Found some very appropriate street art to suit it and posted on Generation Alpha – see http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=620673444613707&set=a.368113029869751.101164.248063755208013&type=1&theater

  4. Derek says:

    @Cheryl. No, sorry, you do not want to “back” – really! What we need to do is go forward and make at least some of this happen.

  5. Carmen Oldenburg says:

    Lovely! Thanks for sharing.

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