The Lab Leak Hypothesis: Iraq WMD All Over Again?

At least twice already, the US intelligence cartel has used deliberate disinformation to goad the gullible American media and public into an unjustifiable war. The first Gulf War was based on a fictitious account of atrocities supposedly committed by Iraq against Kuwait. It was intentionally manufactured by Bush Sr, in collusion with Kuwait’s leaders, complete with a phoney heart-rending professional script written the by the notoriously unscrupulous PR “reputation management” firm Hill + Knowlton and rehearsed and “acted” by the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador.

The second Gulf War, manufactured by Bush Jr in collusion with the “defense industry”, was based on false, completely-invented “evidence” that Iraq had WMD.

In both cases the US intelligence cartel carefully constructed “intelligence reports” supporting the disinformation campaign, from alleged “trusted anonymous sources” which were published verbatim without review or scrutiny by the sensationalist, audience-hungry MSM.

When the stories were revealed as obvious falsehoods, there was no acknowledgement of error by either the Tweedledum or Tweedledee parties, or the MSM. Just swept under the carpet. The ends justified the means.

So now we have the ‘lab leak’ hypothesis that China deliberately or negligently leaked the CoVid-19 virus. As background for this:

  1. Every other pandemic has been found to have zoonotic origins (spread by immune animals like bats to humans, sometimes via an intermediary like CAFO poultry, pigs or cows).
  2. There is abundant evidence that that was the case with this pandemic as well.
  3. It is impossible to prove or disprove any theory with certainty. That’s the absolute essence of most conspiracy theories’ (and many propaganda wars’) success.
  4. Epidemiologists have remarked on the exponential increase in novel viruses and pandemics in the 21st century and have been warning another is overdue for over a decade.
  5. Biden is looking for a “smoking gun” to use to attack China. A recent quote from the befuddled president (indicating the severe state of his dementia, as if he were reliving the Cold War):

[I have] made it clear that no American president, at least one did, but no American president had ever backed down from speaking out of what’s happening in the Uyghurs… So I see stiff competition with China. China has an overall goal, and I don’t criticize them for the goal, but they have an overall goal to become the leading country in the world, the wealthiest country in the world and the most powerful country in the world. That’s not going to happen on my watch because the United States is going to continue to grow and expand.

Note that Biden has asked the loyal intelligence cartel to lead the lab-leak “investigation”, not health experts who are disinterested in war and have a passion for knowing the truth.

While we should of course acknowledge and investigate all plausible causes of a pandemic, we shouldn’t forget how the “intelligence community” seeded anxiety and doubt (and fabricated evidence) over WMD in Iraq — twice — as the pretext for unnecessary and ghastly, ongoing wars. They’ve done the same in Latin America and elsewhere. Please, please, let’s not get fooled again.

The intelligence cartel and their “defense industry” clients are unhappy that, while the MSM faithfully transcribed their fabricated nonsense about Russia paying the Taliban “bounties” for American heads in Afghanistan, some sources actually wanted evidence, and when none was found, the embarrassed MSM mostly stopped talking about it. Don’t want that happening again.

My second concern is that we know almost all (perhaps all) pandemics are zoonotic in origin, and as long as we keep on factory farming, harvesting exotic species, and deforesting the planet’s last wilderness, there is a huge risk of many more, much worse pandemics in our future, without any labs needed to manufacture them. The ‘lab leak’ hypothesis, if it continues to gain credence in the popular mind, will provide yet another cover for the industries perpetrating these outrageously dangerous ‘farming’ practices. “See, it wasn’t us, it was a lab leak”.

If the intelligence cartel faithfully reports that the lab leak theory has some plausible evidence supporting it (they cannot and need not disprove any of the far more compelling causes), as Biden clearly wants them to do, and the MSM then dutifully report this, then we’ll see the embedded warmongers’ op-ed shills cry out for retribution, and then Biden will use this as a pretext for military sabre-rattling, sanctions, duties, and other xenophobic acts (with the full support of Republicans). If so, the con will have been perfected, and can then be used again to justify any war against any trumped-up “enemy”, anytime. All the players are in place, waiting to dutifully do their part.

I’m afraid I’m about to be proved right. If so, you read it here. If I’m wrong, I will be deliriously happy to admit it.

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11 Responses to The Lab Leak Hypothesis: Iraq WMD All Over Again?

  1. Michelle says:

    Many of the scientists that I follow on Twitter agree that the circumstantial evidence points to an accidental lab leak and that seems to hold up. No pandemic has gone on this long without finding the zoonotic origin, there were several lab employees that were treated at the hospital for covid like symptoms in November 2019. While I find your points valid, I think it would be a stretch to think this would be used to go to war with China; the US would never risk that. I think Biden is right; China is a powerhouse that looks out for itself, just like the US. We are likely to never know for sure, but a good pandemic is nature’s way of taking care of population overshoot. She always wins.

  2. Jason Johnston says:

    That’s the problem isn’t it? The ability to locate the truth of the origins of this pandemic is impossible. Biden wants it to be found that it was a lab leak, better yet he wants it to be found it was a deliberate lab leak and as you have suggested, the truth may indeed be manufactured to show this. Without full disclosure from the Chinese that proves, without any doubt, that it did come from the WIV we can never know. And that will never happen. And now this:

  3. Joe Clarkson says:

    I agree with Michelle that it is unlikely that Biden would use a lab leak origin of the virus as an excuse to go to war with China. A deliberate release would probably not start in the the country that released the virus, so that theory makes little sense.

    Of the two most likely origins, zoonotic transfer or accidental release from a lab, the response of the world community should be identical. And even the possibility of a release from a lab should be motivation enough to keep lab security tight.

    To me, the controversy is a complete non-issue. Biden and other politicians would be well advised to simply remind everyone that lab releases are always possible and that security measures should be continuously reviewed for adequacy. In addition, he should point out that zoonosis is a continuing problem and that every country should attempt to prevent zoonotic transfers from happening. That should be enough for everyone.

    The real danger is that a virus could be developed and released by a relatively small non-state group using off the shelf ingredients. There are many who would see a rapid reduction in human population without a major war as a real blessing, so the motivation for a deliberate release does exist. Our next pandemic may be much more fatal than Covid-19.

  4. Dave Pollard says:

    Michelle: It often takes decades to establish definitively the zoonotic origins of pandemics, a prime example being AIDS. You’ll remember there were “theories” about an unholy source for that, too, and finding the real source didn’t stop the “theorists”.

    As for the extent of anti-Chinese xenophobia among the US military, Tree Bressen just sent me this story ( about Daniel Ellsberg, at 90, demanding arrest for leaking plans for US nuclear strikes on China in the 1950s, arguing the threat is still very real and US military strategists are itching for a war with China to test their ‘low-power nukes’ theory (Remember that from the Reagan years? It hasn’t gone away).

  5. Michael Dowd says:

    Thanks, Dave.
    Just read this aloud to Connie and we both suspect that you’re correct.
    Keep up the great writing!
    ~ M & C

  6. Harry Chandler says:

    There is a problem with your theory about this being an attempt by the US military to ‘put China in it’s place’ by justifying the action as ‘saving the world’. In the previous cases, the US co-opted the media to assist in whipping up pro-war sentiment among the general sheeple populace, much as Hitler and Goebbels did in Nazi Germany . The newspaper of record (excuse me while I choke), the NYT was instrumental in convincing the world (along with a pitiful undignified performance by Colin Powell at the UN), that there was an existential threat to the US from Iraq. Really? Talk about a nation of gulls!
    But here is something else altogether…this Lab leak theory was always plausible and supported in mid-2020 by top virologists. Also, as I wrote to a friend:
    “If a wild bear is seen roaming the streets of your town, and your town is a thousand miles from natural bear habitat, and coincidentally there’s a circus in town…would you immediately dismiss the notion that the bear might have escaped the circus? I think not.”
    But that’s what has happened to this investigation. Yes, maybe somebody had a wild bear as a pet (unlikely). But there’s no zoo in town, so where did the bear originate? Hmmmm.
    Also, if you think it’s an excuse to go war, you should be aware that this is not 1991 or even 2003, and the Chinese military (possibly assisted by Russia) are a good match for the US militarily these days. Sanctions? Yes, but I would have thought that was a good idea considering the nature of the CCP. This is a country that’s even worse than the US at imperialism, especially considering the US has had global reach and dominance for a long time. China has taken Tibet (not a murmur) is constantly pushing on India’s borders, has ‘bought’ much of Pakistan, and causes trouble in Kashmir (an Indian state), has broken Hong Kong Treaties with UK, threatens Japan over islands, and vows to take Taiwan, by force if necessary. I have not drunk the US version of the world Kool–Aid, but I do keep my eyes on more than one ball at a time.

  7. Hi David, love your work, been following you for years. My take is that it’s getting harder and harder to know who to believe…. Nicole Foss put me onto this just a few minutes ago. If it wasn’t for the fact I have great respect for both Nicole and Chris whom I’m sure you yourself must have, I’d dismiss this as more conspiracy BS… What do you think?

    Mike Stasse, Australia

  8. Dave Pollard says:

    Michel: I dealt with Chris Martenson’s muddled thinking when he first accused Fauci of deliberately producing weaponized viruses in cahoots with the Chinese last year. (
    He has absolutely zero credibility as a virologist. He’s a stock market speculator. As much as I respect Nicole, I think she’s wrong to encourage her audience to put any stock in his blather.

  9. Hi again Dave, are you aware that Martenson split from his offsider Adam Taggart whom I think was the real force behind the gold bugging etc… Did you watch the video? It does seem very odd that the experts named right at the start were saying exactly what you are, then four days later completely retracted their position….

  10. Lorraine Filipek says:

    You introduced me to Zeynep Tufekci. What do you think about her discussion of the virus here?

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