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What I Hope to Be Next Year

Let things ripen, and then fall; force is not the way at all. Just let go and we will see: the way to do is to be. (– Lao Tzu, song adaptation by Laurence Cole; thanks to Shasta Martinuk and … Continue reading

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Is the Sharing Economy Here Yet?

Industrial Growth Economy Sharing Economy Purpose Facilitate the acquisition and ownership of property Facilitate access to the means of meeting needs Management Hierarchical management and control Collective stewardship in the common interest ‘Work’ Defined jobs at the discretion of owners … Continue reading

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Links of the Month: November 8, 2013

I‘ve just been interviewed by Janaia and Robyn at Peak Moment TV (video will be up soon). [Update Nov. 25: Video is now up].The conversation inspired me to try to come up with a short summary of why I am so convinced that … Continue reading

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