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Buzz in My Back Yard Yesterday

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All There Is, Is This

(This is another of my ‘thinking out loud’ posts on non-duality. If the subject doesn’t interest you, you might want to skip this one.) cartoon by the late, wonderful Charles Barsotti About 18 months ago I began a journey, intended … Continue reading

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Links of the Quarter: April 2, 2016

Although I’ve always been a radical (at least in the original sense of the term), nothing I’ve written on this blog has stirred up a lot of controversy. You’d think predicting the collapse of industrial civilization this century, or ‘coming … Continue reading

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what it all comes down to, part two

(some further pondering on non-duality; image above by the author) XI even die-hard non-dualists (who say it is hopeless, impossible to ‘do’ anything that will make the dissolution of the self more likely to happen) acknowledge a resonance that seems at least to … Continue reading

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