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Risky Business

UPDATED: Jan 26, 2018 1pm replacing last year’s ‘maps’ with this year’s, just released. This year’s Davos Global Risk Forum “landscape”. Last year’s for comparison purposes, with legend here.  Every year, an organization called the Global Risk Forum presents the corporate … Continue reading

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Networking to Find Better Work

I’m retired, and hoping I won’t ever have to return to the work world, but I know most of the world doesn’t have that luxury, and many aren’t happy with the work they are doing as employees, freelancers or contractors (or they … Continue reading

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Letter of Termination

image from Fill at Pixabay CC0 Dear Powers That Be Consortium: This is to inform you that the services your organizations have been providing to us, as our agents, no longer meet our needs, and we are terminating our agreement (the Industrial … Continue reading

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my life is a play and my role, apparently is as part of an musical octet which sings three songs as interludes in a vast improv performance, and after each, acts out a short improv scene of our own, a … Continue reading

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