I think I have always been a radical environmentalist, but my reading, especially in the last two years, has hardened my view that saving the world will require revolutionary, societally wrenching change, and may even be impossible. I challenge you to read these extraordinary books and articles and not see the world, and our human culture, in a new and terrible light: Full House and Rocks of Ages, by the late Stephen J. Gould. The biography for Gould can be found at Ockham’s Razor, by Wade Rowland. Here is his official website and links to the interview referred to in my Weblog When Elephants Weep, by Jeff Masson. Here is his official website. Mind of the Raven, by Bernd Heinrich. Here is a review of the book from the Smithsonian magazine The writer who brought this to my attention, Bill Atkinson, can be reached at The Unconscious Civilization, by John Ralston Saul. The National Library of Canada site for this book, with online audio excerpts, is at A good bio can be found at this bookstore site: When Corporations Rule the World, by David Korten. Profiled on the site of the People Centered Development Forum that Korten established: The Wealth of Man by Peter Jay. A brief bio and review of the book by an online German economists’ forum is at The Freeman Dyson’s Brain interview, in Wired Magazine, is reproduced on the Wired website in its entirety at The Developing Ideas Interview with Herman Daly, done for The Common Good web forum is at State of the World 2002 edition, by WorldWatch Institute, is summarized on their site at World Scientists’ Warning, full text and other related links on the Union of Concerned Scientists’ website at A summary of The Sacred Balance by David Suzuki, along with reviews of his other books, and a new report showing that signing the Kyoto Accord is good for the economy, are at the Suzuki Foundation website at Dream of the Earth by Thomas Berry. Bio and some lecture transcripts can be found at Ishmael and The Story of B, by Daniel Quinn. Discussion forum, bio and lots more at the Ishmael Community website at The Axemaker’s Gift by James Burke and Robert Ornstein. Burke Connection website with book summary at A Language Older Than Words, by Derrick Jensen. Jensen’s personal website is at

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