Can someone please tell me the answers to these simple, naive questions:

  1. Why isn’t Robert Byrd, who wrote this relatively eloquent and competent speech , running or being urged to run for the Democratic nomination for President in 2004?
  2. Why, now that there is growing evidence that Bush is destabilizing the globe, violating international law, and wrecking the domestic economy, is no one even talking about impeachment?
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  1. Camilo says:

    The only person to put forward the idea of impeachment was a former general attorney, but his proposal lacks widespread acceptance.But a lot of us are talking about impeachment.We have to write more about it.

  2. Rayne says:

    IMHO: We have to find a clear violation of US law before there will be any real movement. Violating international law will probably not initiate progress towards impeachment under US Constitutional law. The exception could be crimes against humanity and prosecution by world court. (Those of you in Canada and elsewhere are in a better position to try that tack…)And please do not for one moment think that I am defending Dubya. I’m being pragmatic – desperate, but pragmatic.

  3. Dave Pollard says:

    Camilo: We do (have to write more about it). I just Googled ‘impeachment George Bush 2003’ and got only 7500 hits (fewer than the recent Google by someone on ‘see-through skirts’ that ended up on my Referers log) and a lot of those sites are repeats or wacky semi-literate rants by conspiracy theorists who seem only marginally more lucid than Dubya himself. Rayne: Not sure Dubya and his gang even recognize the legitimacy of the world court, since he lobbied hard to get all Americans exempted from it, and refused to sign the UN resolution creating it. Here’s an impeachment form drawn up by a Law Professor (Gotta love it: it calls for ‘preemptive impeachment’ of Bush ;-). The content is a little strident, but it’s a start. Should we post it somewhere with the content stripped out and invite fellow bloggers to help fill in the details? Might be an interesting citizenship exercise, especially if we could conscript a constitutional lawyer to help with the wordsmithing.

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