A friend of mine, David Jones, recently learned he was a first-place finalist in the annual International On-line Welsh Literary and Arts Festival (part of the Welsh Eisteddfod arts festival) in the Memories of Childhood category. Here is his submission.
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  1. David Jones says:

    I received this personal e-mail in response to this article – have removed names to protect – the guilty.Hello David – More on the skooshin article. A girl who read the article and is a former Renwick skoosher says she faced her mother’s wrath if she was caught near the brook in winter but always it seemed her mother knew when she was skooshin. Long after she reached adulthood she learned why her mother had an eerie sense when it came to skooshin. Her mother told her that when she was a young girl growing up in Dominion she too defied her parents and took up the sport. The girl also told me it was a gender free sport because girls could do it just as good as guys. She also came up with this…She said the term skooshin came from the sound the wet boots of a skoosher made as he or she headed home after falling off a calmper.Now in another conversation with an old friend of yours name of xxxxxx, he disputes that and says wet boots have nothing to do with the term skooshin. He was a friend of yours in your South Street days and he did his skooshin off South Street. Still another, yyyyyyyy, who was an ocean skoosher also enjoyed the article and then related some funny stories of his own.

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