tanks I thought I’d said all I wanted or needed to say about propaganda in my ‘ Incredible ‘ post Monday, but the unfiltered misinformation and groupthink being proffered by virtually all the mainstream media about the war – the only ‘information’ most of the Western world is exposed to – just keeps flowing like a horrendously backed-up sewer. Latest installments:

  • Civilian revolt in Basra: Turns out there really wasn’t one, it was just a ruse by the U.K. propaganda machine to try to terrify Basra’s civilians into a ‘pre-emptive’ strike on the Iraq army and local militias. Basra’s citizens have been living without water, electricity, heat and medicines since the start of the war, and a humanitarian disaster of staggering proportions looms in that city, Iraq’s second largest. When the people find out about this ruse, they are unlikely to be too partial to the conquering army for the rest of the war, nor to the greedy American corporate conglomerates that will be paid (with U.S. taxpayer dollars) to ‘reconstruct’ the city once the U.S./U.K. armies have destroyed it.
  • Importance of Iraqi TV:  The U.S. military described the destruction of the main Iraqi TV transmitters as a “huge strategic success” . One can only conclude they have never watched Iraqi TV. The people of Iraq are not stupid – they know the main TV network is all lies and propaganda. And the suggestion that the national TV network was somehow important in communicating news to Iraqi troops is ludicrous – if the Iraq army was so backward that they needed to rely on TV news to plan their defence strategy, this war would have been over before it started. At any rate, the backup transmitters restored the meaningless signal within a few hours.

CBC has been talking all day about the inanity of ’embedded’ journalists’ reports and the immense courage of those ‘unembedded’ journalists who chose instead to dare to report the truth, some of whom have paid for their bravery with their lives. I’m pleased to say that the CBC now precedes all ’embedded’ journalists’ reports with a warning that ‘the following report was subject to prior review by allied military authorities‘.

$75 Billion just for the first phase of the war – that’s $3,000 (a fortune) for every Iraqi man, woman and child. Think of what could have been done with that money.

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  1. silly me says:

    Yes!!! CBC is what I’ve been watching on Sat TV. There’s no forced Rah Rah crap. My concern is that there seems to be pressure for Canada to move toward the american the appropriate Box (X) I was here ( )I was not

  2. Dave Pollard says:

    Of course there is pressure, but it’s to no avail. Tonight the CBC followed the embedded journalist reports with film of the injured in the Baghdad market and the starving people outside Basra, fighting over the inadequate and incompetently-distributed rations, followed then by unflattering quotes from all the major Arab newspapers. We remember how Nixon treated us during Vietnam, and we won’t allow another psychopathic US demagogue president to dictate our thinking or muzzle our media.

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