playing card Now get your set of US regime change playing cards ( .pdf format ) from the satirical TRO. Absolutely hilarious pictures of the entire Bush regime, neocon wingnut advisors and corporate cronies. Fun! Educational! A great reminder to keep tabs on your elected (and unelected) reps and to vote next year.
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2 Responses to HOUSE OF CARDS

  1. Marie Foster says:

    Tis interesting to me that none of the sets of cards I have seen so far have Bush as the Ace of Spades. Most have Cheney.I have long thought that those who pick the candidates wanted Cheney all along. Bush was chosen because he was pretty malleable, I mean during the elections I could never really discern him being very definite about anything he believed in. That was part of the reason why I could not support him.

  2. Average Joe American says:

    I think you actually don’t have a clue.

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