This is the result of putting my Third Way essay through Rob’s Amazing Poetry Generator . Try it with any page of your own site. Thanks to the even more amazing Wood’s Lot for the link.

And the madmen on both sides that have to do
this, mental illness has perpetuated
itself ever since, those wielding
authority and
care for resources. That had
always reacted to traverse a continent over
hunger and hoes, needed to
the first
time, on newly invented anthropocentric rational knowledge,
is exactly what to survive?
A continent over hunger
and to life skills and cannot feasibly be found
in his needs. Only an hour
or some people
begin to evolve backwards. Rapid change.
We must start
to the strictures of getting enough of you to do
from listening,  and having
understood, to life on both sides that cannot despair.
We must go
we must listen, carefully enough people realize
until we must strive to protest rational
solutions to increase
aggregate material wealth of food shortages which,
must listen,
and utterly instinctive.

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