superhero Great fun from wise and literate Vancouverite Caterina , whose story, My Super Power , was published in Fray magazine. Fray publishes true stories (not fiction or poetry) and welcomes submissions from readers, but only one story per month is accepted for publication. It’s a great honour for Caterina, who also had a story in the magazine’s first edition seven years ago. Caterina describes her Super Power of Drawing Things to People’s Attention. The story is hilarious, and when you’ve finished reading you’re invited to post your own super power to Fray’s discussion forum.

Although Fray’s invitation is all in fun, identifying your own super power might also help you in your business and personal life. An enduring meme in business is the concept of a distinctive competency, which is something you do better than anyone else, and the idea is dangerously close to my super power. And identifying something very special about yourself is also a great buffer and salve when you’re feeling down.

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  1. Charly Z says:

    Interesting, but what I really want to know is… Who’s the hot chick in the picture? Caterina herself? Grrrrrr!

  2. Dave Pollard says:

    I wondered if someone would ask. No, although Caterina herself is pretty smart looking, this is my favourite fictitious character with super powers, Faith, the ‘other’ vampire slayer from Buffy. My wife loves the show, so I get to indulge my guilty pleasure of watching the stunning Eliza Dushku every week unharassed.

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