jolie Friday at six pm ET is the deadline for submissions for Virtual Occoquan ‘s forthcoming Hedonism Edition. I have the honour of working with VO editor Mark Hoback on this special edition of his distinguished online magazine, which will be dedicated to beauty and the pleasures of the senses. Categories include Sight, Sound, Taste, Smell, Touch, Objects of Desire, and Mélange.

We have about 30 submissions to date from the accomplished ranks of Salon bloggers. They include photographs, recipes, artwork, poetry, conversations, confessions, obsessions, provocations, word pictures, exotic fashions, and even a bit of education on how our senses work. If you want to play, set the serious blogging aside for a few moments and create something sensual and fun, and send me the link by Friday.

Then on the weekend, check back here or at Fried Green Al-Qaedas , turn down the lights, let down your hair, put on some seductive music, open a bottle of good wine, and curl up with VO – The Hedonism Edition. Guaranteed guilt- and calorie-free!

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  1. mark says:

    great picture!

  2. O RLY YA RLY says:

    Is that Naomi Campbell?

  3. Dave Pollard says:

    Hah…no mistaking Angelina’s lips, large and juicy enough to suck the brain out of your skull.

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