Just a few days left to complete your 26 Things photo collage. The rules are here. My photos are here.
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  1. CJ says:

    Darnit! I was really going to try and do this. Does it happen every month? I’ll probably need all month to do it, as I’d be using traditional film and then scanning the pics. No digital cam for me…

  2. Dave Pollard says:

    CJ — not every month, but they’re fairly frequent. If you’re looking for inspiration or some really amazing photobloggers take at look at these:ConcubineNukieA Thousand Wordsphotojunkie

  3. CJ says:

    Thanks for the links. I really like taking photos, but I go through periods where I practically forget that I even own a camera. Too often the only time I even think about it is when I’m ready to board a plane for vacation somewhere.Something like 26 Things is good if only to make me consider the things around me as worthy of film.

  4. Dave Pollard says:

    CJ: I find it very humbling. There are probably 3 good pictures in my 26, whereas I’ve peeked at some of the WIP of some experienced photographers participating in 26 Things and their collages are absolutely and uniformly stunning. But I get a thrill from trying out things that are completely new, and getting the rush you get from moving from absolutely clueless to merely atrocious to mediocre, in quick time. Beyond that the climb gets much steeper and harder, and I will usually abandon the hobby and go back to doing things I’m half-good at. But photography is seductive, I keep coming back to it, aspiring to, at least, higher levels of mediocrity. Besides, it’s fun.

  5. OK I got the bug and for me it will most likely be 26 in 48 hours….. Got a start in my yard today just love those deadlines. Making pictures and taking pictures are two different animals as they say. Todays cameras will take a good picture (focus exposure) but to make a picture requires a little bit of knowlege about art golden mean rule of thirds etc… And then there is timing, two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset if you want to use natural light of course with mirrors and reflector boards you can do miricals. Flash photography with a point and shoot is a real hit or miss proposition that is why my camera has a hotshoe and dedicated bounce flash, wipe the red eyes and harsh shadows away from the face of the earth. For some reason (ignorance) categories are not working for me the same way they did in Radio…. Meaning I created a category called 26 and have been posting my photos there but everything shows up at the main page. There is no “category container” in my sidebar with links to things other than my Today category.blog.pvassar.net… I guess I should have studied more before I went public.Oh the humiliation…. Tomorrow the store front and the monument, water and noise perhaps a few more. I have transportation and communication ready just need to crop and pick the ones that look best. Neve take one picture when you can take 100.Best of luck to all.

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