Iím afraid that I canít attend ñ my sincere regrets!  In terms of a very brief bio, a quick version is:

  • Married to Lynn since 1974 (yikes ñ nearly 30 years ñ time flies when youíre having a wonderful time!)
  • Happy parents of Carl and Peter, aged 19 and 16, both with a penchant for loud guitars, math-physics, and lots of good food
  • Not-so-proud owners of ìDannyî the golden retriever who has a penchant for all things wet, dirty and smelly ñ but we love him dearly
  • Currently VP Research at UNBC ñ Canadaís newest full-service university in Prince George BC ñ visitors are welcome!
  • Also member of the governing council of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
  • And Chair of the University Advisory Group to Industry Canada
  • Previous appointments at St. F.X. University (Nova Scotia), UBC, UNB
  • In free time, of which there is too little, loves to fly fish and spend time at a rustic cabin (the wooden tent) and exploring the remote backcountry of BC
  • In winter the downhill and cross-country skiing take over from fishing, but cabin use remains as high as time allows.

With warm wishes, and hoping that all in attendance have a great time!

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