Cooke1Professional work: Psychiatrist, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), and University of Toronto

Wife: Lisa; Kids: Alexander 21, Sarah 16, Robert IV 14, Matthew 11
Pet: Ted (Yorkie/Maltese mix)

Bio: After High School I did a BSc and MD at U of M, and then psychiatry and research training at U of T, and Iíve lived in Toronto and worked at CAMH, (ìthe centre formerly known as the Clarkeî), since then. Although I mainly haunt the ivory tower, I also do twenty days a year consulting in Northern Ontario – mostly in my wifeís hometown of Sault Ste. Marie, also Timmins, and occasionally, Kenora.

I havenít kept in good enough shape to dream of doing a marathon, (Iím not sure I could even repeat my grade 12 440 race with Dave Pybus) but I do regularly ride a bike to work (9 km through downtown Toronto). I also relax by playing guitar, gardening, and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and make a civic contribution through work with the Green Party. I still regularly attend live theatre, a habit I picked up at Kelvin and MTC.

Celebrity sightings: On one flight to Timmins I spoke with Shania Twain (she wanted to trade seats so her girlfriend and she could sit together) and on another I sat behind Alan Thicke. The flight attendant was fussing over him, and I felt like saying ìlisten, lady, he may be richer, better looking and more famous than I am, but hey ñ Iím a real psychiatristÖhe just plays one on TVî.

Pictures: In addition to the family photo from 2-3 years ago (left-to-right Rob, Matt, Sarah, ìTedî, and Lisa, with insert of my oldest son Alex). I also scanned my hospital ID photo, my yearbook bio and picture (funny how Dave Pollard, who wrote that blurb, anticipated my later interest in psychiatry – although I donít do psychoanalysis), and a photo of me and Daryl Favor which appears in negative in the yearbook.

I wish all the Kelvinites all the best; sorry I canít be there.

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