Since Grade 6, I went to River Heights and Kelvin, graduating in 1969. I took Arts at the U of Manitoba and worked summers in at Sherritt Gordon mine near Lynn Lake. After graduation in 1972, I returned to the mine for 14 months, and then enrolled in Education at UBC. I lasted 2 months in that before dropping out. I started law school in 1974 and met my wife, Cal Lambeth, in that law school class. We were married in 1977 during articling. I started with my present firm, Taylor McCaffrey, in 1978 right after articling, and after starting in criminal law, have been doing labour relations, employment and human rights law. Samantha, our first of 3 daughters, was born in 1979, 2 days after my first full marathon. She was very premature, and has spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy and uses an electric wheelchair. Her sisters are Elizabeth, born in 1985 and Ainsley, born in 1987. All 3 girls have attended River Heights and Kelvin. We lived in the family home on Oxford Street (which my parents were kind enough to vacate in 1976) until 1990, and then moved to our current house on Ruskin Row. I have run about 15 full marathons, and many, many other races and continue to run to and from work every day, as I have since 1977. I have been teaching Labour Relations at the law school for 20 years, and Advocacy for the past 10, and have presented over 100 labour relations seminars to public audiences across Canada. My mother died in 1981 and my father in 1987. My sister, April, lives in Victoria with her husband, David Katz. Aside from running, and hockey and basketball and tennis and numerous other sports, I enjoy fishing and canoeing, especially on the Winnipeg River between Minaki and Pointe du Bois.

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    Great job on putting this all together, you and Dave!Chester

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