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  1. Dave Pollard says:

    We just got a new bird feeder (made in Canada!) and it seems to be a smash hit with the birds. This picture of the blue jay on our patio table near the feeder shows him/her about 1/2 real size (they’re very large and colourful birds). What prompted the picture was the pose (we were staring at each other, and it was a bit eerie), and the feet — any ornithologists out there that know whether all bird claws are this flexible and why this rather unstable-looking posture is taken on hard surfaces? And how come jays eat birdseed when their cousins the crows don’t (at least we haven’t seen them, and there are a lot of crows around here)?

  2. Steve says:

    Love this pic.

  3. judith says:

    great pic dave… here’s some info on the eating habits of crows, ravens, and jays:http://www.forestryencyclopedia.net/?targetId=218&anchorId=204

  4. Lis Riba says:

    Wow. Beautiful.How far away were you when you snapped the photo?

  5. Dave Pollard says:

    Lis: About 8 feet, on the other side of a window.

  6. spiralsands says:

    I have a bird bath in my yard in Florida that the blue jays just LOVE. They love to bathe and really splash about messily. Then they fly up to the tree and preen. I noticed that they never bathe together (like doves). With all that splashing about, I guess there is only room for one at a time.

  7. Dave Pollard says:

    Spiralsands: That’s interesting, because jays are related to the Corvids (crows & ravens) who are famous communal bathers. Maybe your bird bath just isn’t big enough ;-)

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