was the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
(though Anitaís convinced there are mouses around
and in every room of our house they abound
so Daveís hammered up boards near the slightest of sound
and heís left to believe there are none to be found).

The reruns of ìSanta Clauseî, ìFrostyî and ìScroogeî
Were blaring away on our TV screen huge,
And Chelsea was barking away in her sleep
With visions of chasing alpacas and sheep;
Anita was laughing in midst of her dreams
(She was Santa with eight naked sleigh-men, in teams).
While Dave was still wrapping her presents at two
With the leftover paper, in orange and blue
(ëCause the red, white and green wrap goes fastest, itís true
And the ribbonís all gone, so what else can you do?)

When all of a sudden there rose such a clatter
He ran to the door to see what was the matter
When what to his wondrous eyes should appear
But a man, with a wolf, and coyotes and deer!

Dave thought for a moment heíd tuned in ìDue Southî
(But there wasnít a Mountie, or sidekick with mouth)
Just a strange little man with these creatures so wild
In the dark of the night of the birth of the Child.

The creatures all sparkled (the full moon aglow
Reflected the white of the new-fallen snow)

ìSeeking room at the inn?î Dave cried out to them all
ìNot at allî said the man, ìWe have no time to stall:
We are sending a message to those who can see
That the secret of life is in sensing the glee
In the moment, in nature, when everythingís still
Just a moment like this, here and now, on this hill,
And you just stand and look, smell, taste, touch, pause and hear;
Itís the same for a man, and a wolf, and a deer.
Though the end of the planet is possibly near
When youíre one with the world there is nothing to fear:
You are part of the dance of the ages above
And all that it takes to partake is the love
Of yourself and your wife and your kids and your dog
And the moon and the stars, and the rain and the fog,
And the land and the air and the sea and the sun,
And the sense of the truth that combines them as One.

So get out of yourself and of being apart
You are part of the science and part of the art
That connects all of us in the head and the heart.

You have put so much work in your trial to survive
Youíve forgotten the feeling of being alive,
So let go of yourself, and your sorrow and grief
And shower the ones that you love with belief
That life is too short to regret and delay:
You must live for the moment and live day to day
Like my friends the coyotes, the wolves and the deeró
They sense in their hearts that their death is too near
But the joy of the moment transcends all the fearó
They can see!  They can feel!  They can smell!  They can hear!
Theyíre alive in a way youíve forgotten to be
And theyíre happy, connected, united, and free.

So when you awake Christmas morn donít be coy:
Spread the word, spread the warmth, spread the love, spread the joy!
Say: I love you and Thank you, youíre one of a kind,
Say Youíre wonderful, special and No, I donít mind.

And then in a glimmer of moonlight theyíd gone
And David returned to the house with a yawn
And slept with the thoughts of the words that theyíd spoke
But would he remember those words, when he wokeÖ?

(no post tomorrow — Merry Christmas everyone — back Boxing Day)

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  1. Mary says:

    Merry Christmas, Dave, thank you for sharing your lovely words to your wife!Mary

  2. Dick says:

    You’re too talented, Dave! Have a good day (glances at watch) wow – today…

  3. Stu Savory says:

    Nicely written, Dave, you are a gifted man.Yule Cheer from Germany.

  4. Nui says:

    Hope you’ve had a Merry Christmas, and most warmest wishes of happiness and success for the coming New Year! You fill me with envy, Dave…for writing such an inspired poem! Your words and your blog continue to be a balm for my soul, I can’t thank you enough for them! Felicidades!

  5. kara says:

    “And the moon and the stars, and the rain and the fog,And the land and the air and the sea and the sun,And the sense of the truth that combines them as One”-Love how this sounds – just beautiful man!

  6. Dave Pollard says:

    Hey everyone — you’re making me blush. I really appreciate the encouragement. Don’t know if it’s just the season but my hit count has dropped in the last month, just as I feel I’m really hitting my stride in my writing. Your kind words give me the energy to persevere.

  7. Julie says:

    loved this , just stumbled onto your website…thanks for sharing

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