donato povedaDonato Poveda, the wonderful Grammy-nominated Cuban expatriate musician-songwriter, has the following prayer in the liner notes of his new CD. He’s a Buddhist. I found the words quite moving and thought I’d share them, in both languages:

Que todos los seres obtengan la felicidad
y las causas de la felicidad
Que todos sean libres del sufrimiento
y las causas del sufrimiento.
Que nunca sean separados de la felicidad
que es cuando cesa el sufrimiento.
Que todos habiten en la ecuanimidad,
libres del apego, el odio, y la aversion.
May all sentient creatures find joy
and the sources of joy.
May all be free from suffering
and the causes of suffering.
May none ever lose the joy
that occurs when suffering ends.
May all live as equals,
free of dependence, hatred, and fear.

For those like me that aspire to write music, Donato recommends two books: The Songwriter’s Idea Book by Sheila Davis, and Writing Music for Hit Songs by Jai Josefs,  to bring structure to your creativity. They’re on my list of next books to buy. Ironically, Donato, who fled Cuba in his youth to seek a freer life, was one of the few Cuban-born musicians able to attend the Grammy ceremonies. Those still living in Cuba were prohibited by the Bush Administration from attending, as “security risks”. Such is the power of music.

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