kissI’ve been writing some quick stories, strictly to practice crafting realistic dialogue. Dialogue is a critical aspect of my upcoming novel — it has to be believable or the novel will suffer. Most of these exercises are just fragments, but occasionally I get carried away enough to make a complete story. The most recent of these is called Amsterdam, and I thought it was kind of fun. Not serious, not on the same level as my more carefully-written fiction. Caution: This is a bit naughty, and meant for adults only. Don’t try this at home. Enjoy with someone you love.

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3 Responses to AMSTERDAM

  1. gbreez says:

    Wowser! I’d say that the writing works; I have to go take a cold shower now. ;)

  2. Great story, Dave. And yes, good dialog. Although I must say, I wasn’t so much struck by the dialog as by the descriptive passages. :) If you want to practice writing a lot of dialog, a play might be the thing. A wonderful example of colloquial dialog that really makes a piece special is this one-act one-player stage piece (in the absolute opposite vein of your piece):

  3. Dave Pollard says:

    Thanks, kind ladies. Renee: Monologue is even tougher than dialogue to make ‘real’ so this is a real tour de force. I’m still very unhappy with my dialogue, so maybe I’ll try a play next. That’ll make it easier when they decide to make my novel into a movie ;-)

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