I‘m one of the presenters at an upcoming conference on KM in the Life Sciences and Health Care industries. If you work in these fields, or in KM, and can get your employer to spring for the registration fee, it should be excellent. Blue chip list of speakers from the pharma and biotech fields and from KM. Global purview, touching on both public and privatized health care regimes. Intriguing high-tech approach. Should be fun. Here is the press release with more info:

The Knowledge Management in Pharma & Life Science Community of Practice will hold their ‘Integrating Knowledge in the Life Science Product Life Cycle’ Web conference starting October 18th at http://km.colayer.net/ This launch event initiates a series of community-based virtual and face-to-face meetings and workshops devoted to best practice in this key industry subject running throughout 2005. The program covers the latest developments in life science product management, strategies and best knowledge management practices. Please register for membership at http://km.colayer.net/ to participate. Details of the October program and speakers are available on the Web site.

This conference will explore current best knowledge management strategies, practices and supporting solutions in the life science & pharma industry that enable innovation, effectiveness and success in the competitive market. We will address issues that include:

  • How can existing knowledge and intellectual property be more effectively deployed into new business situations?
  • How should we manage our data and knowledge around the product life cycle to maximise its value in the market place?
  • What new knowledge management approaches offer greater productivity for the individual worker? For the team? For collaborators and partners? For communities of interest and practice?
  • How should we classify our knowledge better semantically so that we may retrieve more of what we know, is known or to determine what is not known?
  • What new approaches for managing knowledge are being created by the increasingly electronic nature of information capture, management and collaboration? What are the legal and regulatory risks and how do we manage them?
  • How do the new standards and initiatives allowing the improved exchange and combination of data between different systems and domains create opportunities for improved access to knowledge?
  • How can improved knowledge management help to reduce the high cost of clinical trials and patient recruitment? How do we increase the effectiveness of knowledge-supported healthcare delivery.

The October conference comprises keynotes by Eric Neumann (CKO, Aventis), Debra Amidon (CEO, Entovation), Douglas Weidner (CEO, KM Mentor) and Etienne Wenger and over thirty-five speakers from a wide range of innovative organisations who will share their strategies, practices and supporting solutions for implementing the best product development and life cycle management in the pharma, life science and healthcare industries.

Topics include:
Knowledge-based Business Strategies / Pharmacovigilance / Electronic-based R&D Systems / Discovery Informatics & Integration / Knowledge-based Ontologies, Language & the Semantic Web / Innovative Life Science Product Development / Knowledge Transfer / Grid Computing / Electronic Lab Notebooks / Collaborative KM / Outsourcing & Partnering / Regulatory Issues in KM / Data Mining, Analysis & Visualisation / Knowledge-based Healthcare and Patent & Intellectual Property Issues

Conference format:
All pre-recorded seminars will be made available to registrants at the beginning of the conference to give everyone maximum flexibility in choosing their own time and listening/viewing order for listening to the talks, Discussion and contact through the conference web site and teleconferences. The presentations are divided into nine sessions, each will hold a teleconference for discussion and questions & answers between October 20 and 28th. You can join these live or submit your comments or questions beforehand, and subsequently listen to the recordings. The scheduled times for these teleconferences are available on the conference site.

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