What are you doing sitting at your computer reading blogs?
Get out and vote for John Kerry.
Call up those you know and urge them to get out and vote for John Kerry.
Help them find their polling station. Offer them a ride.
The rest of the world is watching, and counting on you.
NYT Election Day Map
Today’s Election Day Map from the NYT
Leaning or Strongly Bush: 227, Leaning or Strongly Kerry 242, Five States Tied 69.
Turnout (or fraud, or the courts) will decide the winner.

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  1. Raging Bee says:

    I already voted for Kerry! What about you? Oh wait, you can’t, you’re hiding in Canada waiting for us to fix everything for you…

  2. Mambrina says:

    waiting for us to fix everything for you…More like waiting (and hoping) for the U.S. to use its power wisely and responsibly, so that we don’t end up in the mess you’re in….

  3. gbreez says:

    I have voted and I gave a neighbor a ride to the polls. We are both Dems so that is 2 votes for Kerry from Maine. Now comes the long wait. Here’s hoping the polls are wrong and the race is a landslide for Kerry with a huge mandate for change. :)

  4. Dave Pollard says:

    I wondered when RB would come out of the woodwork. Thanks, RB, for your vote, and thanks, Mambrina, for answering RB’s question. I might add that while we’re ‘waiting’ up here in Canada we’ve also developed a lot of political, social, economic and technological solutions (e.g. better voting systems, better health and education system though that’s not saying much, better environmental legislation, better employment and social welfare legislation, better ways of measuring progress, better medical and environmental technologies where we are the global leaders on a per-capita basis, and better media). Not to mention a better way of getting vaccines to protect against the coming flu pandemic to all Canadians. But we’re only a small country. We need the US to partner with us to solve many additional, even more difficult problems.

  5. Kerry is a traitor and voting for him makes you one

  6. By the sounds of it there is going to be a big turnout today. I’ll predict Kerry wins easy, possibly collecting over 300 electoral seats.

  7. Craig Michael Patrick says:

    First time I’ve ever voted (aged 35 years – a Gen Xer – yeah, I know, I know).Going Kerry. Hoping to help push Ohio to Kerry. Would rather vote Green, but this time…well, it’s just too close.The Bush camp’s rhetoric (the Me, Mine, America nonsense) hasn’t been terribly compelling. Many to most of the Republican argument has been obscenely fallacious.

  8. Tris Hussey says:

    I did my part three weeks ago. Absentee ballot to N.C. for Kerry.

  9. sue says:

    I voted last week to avoid long lines. I fear that if Bush and company get another four years our liberties will have become so eroded that we will need to change the blue on the flag to black.

  10. Raging Bee says:

    I regret to say that the US will not be resuming its technological, educational OR moral lead for another four years or so, so you guys up north will have to stop pretending you’re small and helpless (you’re neither), and keep setting examples of the type Mr. Pollard has pointed out in his response (and show some documentation thereof, hint hint).If you’re as far ahead of us as you claim, then you don’t need us to “partner” with you. Not that our current “leaders” would “partner” with anyone anyway.If my country can’t be Number One in advancing environmentally friendly technology (and profiting from it), then that honor might as well go to our nearest neighbor.

  11. Susan Hales says:

    Hey, Dave — the above is why I don’t put a comments link on my blog site…ya know? What’d ya do to piss him off?!

  12. Dave Pollard says:

    Susan: It’s worth putting up with a bit of nonsense for the enormous value I get from comments from readers (and I hope they get too). It’ll take a lot to get me to shut off comments. If you’re wondering why the comment counter exceeds the number of comments, I’ve been inundated with porn spam the last couple of days. *That* I get removed.

  13. Susan Hales says:

    Ah, so you can remove them. That would make a diff. Now, if my brain can rise up from abject despair soon, I might even try (again) to add comments. RU has about the poorest help instructions I’ve ever seen.

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