Red Blue Map3
Here’s one more map, courtesy of U.Mich via Christa at Not Watching Television. Red is Bush, Blue is Kerry, Purple is in between, by county, with county size weighted by population. Maybe my imagination is working overtime, but to me this looks like a monster poised to attack the rest of the world, with liberal New York as its mouth.
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2 Responses to EVEN SCARIER

  1. cs says:

    Ha!I found myself having the same (instinctual? re your next post) response, Dave — like seeing shapes in clouds. Only what I see is a two-headed beast: on its right end poised to pounce as you describe; but on the other end, eye fixed on the far horizon and determinedly pulling left. Quite the Rorschach test . . .

  2. Rajiv says:

    Consider also the conceptual guerilla’s thoughtshttp://www.conceptualguerilla.com/

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