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The Death of Environmentalism

Some of you are probably wondering why I didn’t follow through with my promise to publish my Green Movement Manifesto on ChangeThis!, the new and wildly popular site for the posting of manifestos and other lengthy and provocative ‘thought pieces’ … Continue reading

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Universal Values, Relatively Speaking

A week ago I provided a values self-test, and asked for your help creating a complete list of human values, ranked in order of importance. I also promised to provide my own list and rankings. The chart above is the … Continue reading

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Latest News on the Environment

New Report on Climate Change: A new combined study by the Institute for Public Policy Research in the UK, the Center for American Progress in the US, and The Australia Institute, entitled Meeting the Climate Challenge, supports the “2 degrees” … Continue reading

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A Progressive Story-Book?

In last Monday’s Salon, Jennifer Buckendorff links two ideas in an interesting way: Her article The Oprah Way suggests we need to portray progressive values in a person, emotional way, and suggests that one vehicle to do so is through … Continue reading

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Simple Truths

Ci’-vi-lized [adj] subject to government, reduced to order, reclaimed from savagery Many religions teach that, before civilization, man did not possess a fully conscious mind capable of reflection, and had no ‘free will’. Only humans can be described as civilized. … Continue reading

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Innovation as Collaboration

A few years ago a furniture company flew me down to their headquarters to talk to them about innovation, and to get my comments on a new product that they’d developed for the professional services industry. This was a company … Continue reading

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“It happened again yesterday, a little bird flew into the window and went crashing to the ground in the snow. This time it was OK, it got up and flew away, but we have to do something to protect these … Continue reading

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I suspect most of you have heard this story and seen the pictures already, but it’s such a heart-warming one I wanted to post it for those who haven’t. Here’s the story: A baby hippo rescued after floods in Kenya … Continue reading

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Following is an astonishing first-hand account of the tsunami, from the young niece of a business associate of mine who was there on vacation when it happened. The English translation follows the original French. Seuls quelques palmiers sont encore debout, … Continue reading

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I‘ve run into three situations lately where I’ve advised people trying to start up businesses to ‘do their research’. What surprised me is that they didn’t know how to do research. They are brilliant at doing searches, and even figuring … Continue reading

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