gkrI‘m delighted to report that two of my business articles have recently appeared in print in two very fine journals:

My article, The Future of Knowledge has appeared in the January-February, 2005 edition of the US Conference Board’s illustrious and provocative Across the Board journal. The Conference Board is the business research group that produces, among many other things, the Consumer Confidence Index. The magazine (circulation 28,000) goes mostly to senior executives of Fortune 500 companies. Thanks to Matthew Budman and his extraordinary editorial team for making my online writing good enough to print.

My article, Tapping the Wisdom of Crowds has appeared in the November, 2004 edition of the UK-based Global Knowledge Review. My thanks to editors David Gurteen and Peter Williams for putting out an engaging journal with some of the most impressive graphic design I’ve seen in any publication.

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  1. Rayne says:

    Congratulations, Dave!! I can say I remember reading your work way back when…Looking forward to many such announcements!

  2. Jon Husband says:

    Congratulations, Dave ! It almost seems trite to say that you deserve the recognition. You’ve certainly done the work to merit the attention, and lucky us … we get to benefit from your openness in sharing your work with us.I wonder if Deborah H. will read the article titled The Future of Knowledge ? ;-)

  3. Tes says:

    Recently discovered your blog (great writing/thinking, thank you) … am trying to read it once per week (hard to do so during the week). I just added a comment to your think-tank proposal dated October 2004 … what’s the status of that proposal?

  4. Michael says:

    Great news Dave. Congratulations!

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