Weekend Reading

Quite a few important new articles to bring to your attention this week, so I’ll keep the commentary brief:


The Environment:

  • The NYT on Chickadees: “There’s a certain tragic isolation in believing that humans stand apart in every way from the creatures that surround them, that the rest of creation was shaped exclusively for our use. The real fruit of that perspective is, in fact, tragic isolation on an earth that has been eroded by our moral assumptions. Science has something much wiser to tell us about who we are. So do the birds around us.” Maybe there’s hope for the MSM yet.
  • Lakoff Wisdom for Environmentalists: In Sierra Magazine, George Lakoff tells environmentalists how to reframe the debate on that subject so that citizens stop thinking of rhe environment as something non-essential and separate from humanity.  Thanks to Mikhail Capone for the link.
  • The Intelligence and Emotional Depth of Cows and Sheep: Research prepared for a major agricultural conference confirms the depth of animals’ intelligence and emotional sensitivity. Someone please tell the factory farmers, testing labs and
  • The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill: Read about an upcoming book and film on the extraordinary flocks of wild parrots smuggled illegally into the US from the tropics and then, once found untamable, set free to fend for themselves in America’s cities. Thanks to reader Jim Borwick for the link.

Journalism (including Blogging = Online Journalism):

  • What the World Thinks of the US: A new site translates and aggregates international news reports about the US. Certainly a different from perspective from what you get in the domestic media.
  • Most Useful Websites for Reporters: Over 100 links to secondary research sources for journalists. But don’t forget to do some primary (first-hand interviews and on-site visits) research as well. Thanks to Cyndy for the link (and for her inspiration generally).
  • Laurie Garrett Excoriates Corporatism’s Interference in the Media: In a departing shot to her employer Newsday, Garrett says obsession with profit is ruining the media, making them timid and lazy. Thanks to COIR for the link.
  • Coming Crackdown on Bloggers: No one seems to know for sure (a) whether bloggers will be affected by US campaign finance laws (and if so, how will their ‘contribution’ be valued), and (b) whether bloggers will qualify as journalists under US law, with the rights and responsibilities that go along with that qualification. And what if you’re not an American blogger? A real rats’ nest, and a threat to the blogosphere.
  • Review of Blogging Tools: Elise Bauer provides a review and comparison of today’s blogging tool alternatives.

Just for Fun:

Cartoon: Mike Luckovich

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3 Responses to Weekend Reading

  1. Hey Dave! Glad you like the Lakoff interview. I like it quite a bit too and wrote something on the power of words and frames. Nothing really new, but I felt like explaining how I saw the problem.Also happy that you liked the article on the Intelligent of Cows & co. too :) Mooh!

  2. Oh, and as a fellow Canadian, I absolutely agree about Celluci. He’s a perfect representative of the Bush government, and that’s not a good thing.

  3. Cee says:

    Dave, I too agree with your opinion of Celluci. As an excellent counterpoint to his most recent pronouncements, you should read Lloyd Axworthy’s open letter to Condi Rice which ran in the Winnipeg Free Press last week. CBC Radio One’s As It Happens featured a 10 minute interview with Dr. Axworthy on Thursday’s show. You’ll also find a link to the letter on the same AIH page. Cheers,

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