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missiledefenceI‘m too discouraged by the US Senate decision to authorize drilling in the ANWR to talk about it. The NRDC says there’s still hope and advises what to do about it. Here’s the rest of the week’s important political news:

Bush Now Produces His Own Ready-to-Broadcast Propaganda — just in case Faux News and the other media outlets don’t get his spin quite right. Now your station doesn’t need any reporters or any news budget whatever. Just roll the prepackaged government productions. And if you’re smart, you can even get kickbacks from the government for doing so — it’s all the rage these days.

Bush the Small Animal Torturer — an interesting editorial by David Podvin suggests the real George Bush has a life-long record of cruel and psychopathic behaviour. A little over the top, though there is evidence that torture of small animals as a child is a hallmark of future criminal and psychopathic behaviour, and there’s also a long history of psychopaths striving for and achieving leadership positions.

Salon Weighs In on the End of Oil — Robert Bryce provides a balanced accounting of what oil reserves actually are. Most compelling: Increasing evidence that OPEC, whose share of global remaining reserves will soar past 50% in the next few years, is pushing its production capacity to the limit, and, as Algeria’s energy minister, Chakib Khelil, said, “OPEC does not have the production capacity to increase its quotas.” Historically, these kind of supply/demand tipping points precede huge price shifts. The US Energy Board has raised its annual estimate of average wellhead prices for 2005 oil from $29 (last year’s estimate) to $50. Like all commodities these days, expect prices to yo-yo, but inflation, here we come.

Wolfy’s Plan to Topple OPEC — In related oil news, Greg Palast reports for the BBC and Harper’s that new reports obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show Wolfowitz, Chalabi, Bush & Co planned long before 9/11 to topple Saddam, seize Iraqi oil and sell it off to private oil interests. The more pragmatic corporate oil oligopoly balked at the last part of the neocon plan, saying that destabilizing OPEC was in no one’s best interests, and preferring instead a state-owned oil company that the US would effectively control. On the losing end, Wolfy has now been banished to the World Bank, a place better suited to his megalomaniac tendencies.

US Predicts Likely Terrorist Attack Areas — Another document that Bush was trying to keep under wraps, but was inadvertently posted on the Hawaii State Government site, lists urban nuclear devices, biotoxins in office complexes and bombs in sports arenas as the greatest threats, and says there are too may possible targets in each category to list. Blowing up chemical plants, bioattacks in airports, and infecting food animals with diseases or poisons are next on the list, which also includes three natural disasters (earthquakes, influenza epidemics and hurricanes), but has taken plane hijackings off the list because they’re presumably no longer possible thanks to those brave and brilliant Homeland Security guys. Planning calls for about 1500 different, coordinated actions in the case of any of these incidents, regardless of where in the US they occurred. Bin Laden must be rolling on the ground laughing. Hey, does duct tape work when it gets wet?

Former Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Writes to Condi — A savage op-ed by Lloyd Axworthy (whose campaign I worked on many centuries ago) explains to Condi Rice why Canada chose not to sign on to the US Missile Defence system. You tell ’em Lloyd.


Help a Fellow Blogger — Blogger Darren Barefoot is fasting for 30 hours as part of a WorldVision project to raise money to defeat world hunger. I’ve pledged some money to help, and would encourage you to do so as well.

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5 Responses to Political News of the Week

  1. daniel says:

    Hello dave, I always enjoy your blog.RE:US Predicts Likely Terrorist Attack Areas and publish them online? How stupid, they are doing intelligence for Al Q for free!. I think one of the major problems AQ must have is the recruitment of occidental looking members. It is so easy to cause damage… I imagine every immigrant or arab or ethnic looking people is followed close…RE:Former Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Writes to CondiI heard Condiom was brilliant student and is a piano concertist. How is it that an intelligent and music lover person (I do not know but I assume people who like music is sensitive) became a warmonger?.RE Canada, could you please clarify or point me someplace where I can read if Canada has troops or any personnel in Irak?. I know there is in Afghanistan, but I can´t find good info. It seems to me that Canada is not interested in people to know.Thanks

  2. Canada has no troops in Iraq and did not support the U.S. in the invasion.

  3. daniel says:

    Thanks Mikhail, what is the best online source to read about that, if you know one?

  4. Well, I live in Canada so I get most of my national news through the newspaper (Le Devoir, for me). I guess you could just head over to Google News and search for “Canada Iraq War” or some of the other obvious keywords.

  5. daniel says:

    thanks but I was looking sor some sites with more political analysis ,not only news, I will see if Le devois is online and in English

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