Worth a Look

Google Aerial Photos of Your Home:
I mentioned this already, but it’s quite amazing. Use the map view to zero in on your home, or that of family or friends (or any other place) in North America (double-click to re-centre, then use the sliders in upper left) and then click on the ‘satellite’ button and see how much detail of the whole continent infrared satellite photos have captured. Then zoom back out in satellite mode and feel veeeery small. Dare you to stop at just one.

The Great Lie: A fascinating 27-minute film, free online, inspired by Daniel Quinn’s book Ishmael.

The Real News: While the lazy-ass mainstream media have clogged the airwaves all week with the non-news of the late and dreadful pope’s funeral, the marriage plans of British royalty, and various celebrities’ trials, the deadly Marburg virus, an Ebola relative, has taken its largest and most devastating toll yet. Sooner or later one of these is going to teach us what The Tipping Point was really about. meanwhile the genocide in Darfur continues unabated, with the death toll of innocents reaching Rwanda proportions and an entire village being razed to the ground yesterday. Oh, and you can thank the NRA and the politicians in their back pockets for making it much easier for terrorists, even those on Al Qaida watch lists, to get AK-47s at the local store in your community.

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