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Finding Where Your Passion, Your Genius and Your Purpose Meet

Recently I suggested that perhaps the best way to decide how you want to make a living was to simply ask Who Needs Your Gift Now? The implication of that question is that your Gift is something you both love … Continue reading

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Advice to Innovators: Know What Urgent Problem You’re Uniquely Solving

Over the years I have advised many entrepreneurs, worked with a lot of consultants, and coached executives. All three groups repeatedly make the same mistake: They try to introduce ‘solutions’ that are really interesting, quite feasible, and well within their … Continue reading

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A Proposed Collaboration: The Wearable Home

I have written several times about the idea of a ‘wearable home’ — a self-contained environment that would allow the ‘wearer/resident’ to live comfortably ‘outdoors’ anywhere on Earth. The standard human solution to the problem of inhospitable climate is an … Continue reading

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Links for the Week – Jan. 28/06

As usual, here are, in my opinion, the most important news announcements of the past week Health Canada’s Public Health Agency has a great site with advice on preparing for epidemics and other emergencies. Thanks to fellow Future Creator Dave … Continue reading

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The Natural Enterprise: Feasibility Testing Your New Business Concept

So you’ve started a new business, maybe even a Natural Enterprise. You’ve done your homework, and found a need with a solid business case that you think you and your partners can fill better than potential competitors. And you’ve been … Continue reading

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BLOG Why Republicans Want a Huge National Debt

Warning: Long post with lots of financial terms. Before you bail and read something else, just remember that that’s what Bush is counting on — “don’t worry your pretty little head about all this economics stuff, we’ll take care of … Continue reading

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Never buy a Dell

Well, my Dell finally packed it in yesterday – the whole machine shorted out. I managed to salvage the hard drive and it appears I’m back in business, but I have a lot of work to do to fully restore … Continue reading

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Canadian Election Results: What They Mean and What Comes Next

As the polls accurately predicted, Canada punished the Paul Martin Liberals for sloppy administration (allowing a small group of party stalwarts to steal taxpayers’ money for the party and to line their own pockets) and for the most astonishly inept … Continue reading

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What the Nose Knows

Here, in its entirety, for posterity or for sticking up on your fridge, is a lovely little, unsigned editorial from Saturday’s NYT: How well do you know your dog? The answer is, not nearly as well as your dog knows … Continue reading

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Why Oil Prices Are Jumping Again

Since the 1970s, the price of oil has been set, not by OPEC, but by buyers and sellers through two independent exchanges in New York and London. The US has been able to substantially control this price through most of … Continue reading

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