in the falling dark (by bruce cockburn, 1976)


in the falling dark (by bruce cockburn, 1976)

and the lights lie tumbled out like gems
the moon is nothing but a toothless grin
floating out on the evening wind
the smell of sweat and lube oil pervades the night
and the rush of life in flight at the speed of light

a million footsteps whispering
a guitar sounds — some voices sing
smoke on the breeze — eyes that sting
far in the east a yellow cloud bank climbs
stretching away to be part of tomorrow’s time

earthbound while everything expands
so many grains of sand
slipping from hand to hand
catching the light and falling into dark
the world fades out like an overheard remark

light pours from a million radiant lives
off of kids and dogs and the hard-shelled husbands and wives
all that glory shining around and we’re all caught taking a dive
and all the beasts of the hills around shout, “such a waste!
don’t you know that from the first to the last we’re all one in the gift of grace?”

I was listening to this song, from Bruce Cockburn’s 1976 album of the same name, last night, and was so struck by the extraordinary lyrics Ihad to share them. The photo is mine, taken last week.

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3 Responses to in the falling dark (by bruce cockburn, 1976)

  1. Myke says:

    Which of Bruce Cockburn’s albums do you recommend? I don’t have any of his music.

  2. raj says:

    Myke: Bruce Cockburn has always been an insightful, passionate, sometimes political songwriter. Find pretty much any of his early albums and you’d probably be impressed by the lyrics alone. (I say “early” because I have not had the pleasure of hearing his newer works. Radio programming has changed a lot in the past 20 years.)

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