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Social Networking in Business: An Update

Here’s the gist of the presentation I gave last week entitled “A Whirlwind Tour of Social Networking” in London at the Online Information 2006 conference hosted by the congenial David Gurteen. Social Networking Applications (SNAs) are tools and technologies that … Continue reading

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Jeff Vail’s A Theory of Power

Jeff Vail’s short, free online book A Theory of Power begins with a series of provocative theses: The best representation of our world, of what ‘is’, is not matter, but the connections between matter. These connections define ‘power-relationships’ — the … Continue reading

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Sunday Open Thread – December 3, 2006

Back home from the UK, tired but inspired. Believe it or not, my returning flight was delayed by a group of foxes sitting on the runway. Hopefully I’ll finally have some time this week to start getting caught up on … Continue reading

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Saturday Links for the Week – December 2, 2006

US Supreme Court to Hear Lawsuit Against EPA For Not Doing It’s Job: In one of the most important rulings for the US’s environment in decades, a lawsuit brought by 12 states against the EPA for neglecting its job to … Continue reading

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Getting to Know You

At my London presentation this week on Social Networking, I restated my views that three of the five most important types of Social Networking Applications (SNAs) are about finding people — to love, to make a living with as business … Continue reading

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