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Links for the Week — December 16, 2006: The Generosity and Contemplation Edition

Make Trade Fair (*Sigh* Links for the week are late again…)Creating Community: A brilliant and far-reaching essay by Inspector Lohmann explores why civilization culture deliberately destroys community to sustain its hierarchical control, and how we might re-establish community in spite … Continue reading

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La Donaca Ekonomio

(Thanks to Robert Read for translating this article into Esperanto for Esperanto Day 2006) La Ideo: La Donaca Ekononmia ofertas al ĉiuj metodon por lerni, kompreni, regi, kaj ŝanĝi nian mondon. Ĝi estas natura ekonomio, trempita en milionoj de jaroj … Continue reading

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Getting Environmentally Friendly Transportation Back on the Rails

In an article last year, I suggested that environmentally-conscious travelers should take the train. Recently Iíve been taking my own advice: On weekdays, once I get from my home in the country to my current contract office, I take the … Continue reading

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Knowing Knowledge

George Siemens’ online book Knowing Knowledge is fun to read: It’s laid out like a Tom Peters book — full of graphics and different type fonts, and some wonderful quotations1. It has a kind of stream-of-consciousness style that’s a bit … Continue reading

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The Best Business Books of 2006?

My ‘How to Save the World’ actions listArmed with the list of the 46 nominees for best business book from S+B magazine, I recently made my annual trek  to the book mega-store to browse the nominated tomes (my twelve selections … Continue reading

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Five Things (You May Not Know) About Me

Justin Kownacki , the talented producer of the excellent series Something to Be Desired has ‘tagged’ me to spread a blog meme: Five things you may not know about me. I can’t (often) resist these viral prompts, and this one … Continue reading

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Sunday Open Thread — December 10, 2006

What I’m planning on writing about soon: Reintermediation: Why hollowed-out organizations are impoverished and fragile, and how to fill them out again, in a brave new way. Rail: A solution to the transportation portion of global warming, or an impossibly … Continue reading

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Saturday Links for the Week: December 9, 2006

See How Patients Rate Doctors: It’s brand new, but this site allowing North American patients to rate their physicians has great promise. It will be interesting to see if the AMA/CMA try to shut it down. Thanks to my work … Continue reading

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Scenario Planning vs. Collective Vision: Imagining What’s Possible

Several years ago when I was doing some strategy work for my multinational employer I read Peter Schwartzí book The Art of the Long View , This remains the definitive text, I think, on the process and value of scenario planning. … Continue reading

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The Virtuous Cycles of the Gift Economy

Our society puts a value on human activities only when they can be monetized ñ when a transaction involving an exchange of money occurs. We tend to equate our time with money: If the ëmarket valueí of an hour of … Continue reading

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