Links for the Week — December 16, 2006: The Generosity and Contemplation Edition


Make Trade Fair

(*Sigh* Links for the week are late again…)

Creating Community:
A brilliant and far-reaching essay by Inspector Lohmann explores why civilization culture deliberately destroys community to sustain its hierarchical control, and how we might re-establish community in spite of this. Thanks to Jon Husband for the link.

The Gift Economy, Part 1: San Francisco’s Really Really Free Market allows people once a month to give what they have that has value, and to take what they find that has value to them. No price tags, no keeping score. Just trusting your fellow human beings to be generousand fair. And it works.

The Gift Economy, Part 2: Canada’s Point Seven Campaign encourages everyone to donate 0.7% of their annual gross income to those in greatest need, as a nudge to governments to do likewise. Thanks to my work colleague Paul Sawtell for the link.

Why We Let People Lie to Us: A series of articles by Paul Ekman discusses why we are predisposed to trust people and how liars exploit that predisposition. Thanks to Dale Asberry for the link.

Crohn’s Disease Forum: For those suffering from Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. Thanks to Michael Yarmolinsky for the link.

What Is The Semantic Web?: Nova Spivak explains the concept, and why software that is more intelligent matters. Thanks to Jon Husband for this link too.

Ebola Threatens Gorillas With Extinction: One of our two genetically closest relatives could be wiped out by a disease we barely understand.

A Strategy to Exit Military Presence from the Entire Mideast: Three professors make a compelling case for not only exiting Iraq and Afghanistan militarily immediately, but moving back from the Mideast entirely to nearby Asian and Indian Ocean sites.

Just for Fun Department:
Soy Causes Homosexuality!: A hilarious review of the wingnut tabloid WorldNetDaily by the always witty Sheri Zollinger.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the community Dave. Only I spell my last name Yarmolinsky (y at the end, not i). :)Keep up the great work as always though!-MY

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