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One of the cats to whom my brother and sister-in-law belong, overseeing travel arrangements movement and stillness:the cat is the master of masquerades/he will appear to be what s/he is notintersecting with our lives to the extent such adaptationis necessary … Continue reading

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Stewarding the Land, a Quarter Acre at a Time

There’s a sense, for those who live in the suburbs, that trying to ‘renaturalize’ their small lot, surrounded by manicured lawns soaked in chemicals, swimming pools soaked in chemicals, pressure-treated decks soaked in chemicals, large areas of asphalt and concrete, … Continue reading

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The 26%

Well, I’ve looked everywhere, but I cannot find a pair of articles I read earlier this month that asserted: That 26% of North Americans consistently spend significantly more for socially and environmentally responsible products, even if that caused them some … Continue reading

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The Paradoxes of Growth: The Economic Argument for Natural Enterprise

I‘ve written before about the Natural Economy and why it would be so much more effective and sustainable than the existing Industrial (‘market’) Economy. And though I’ve read and written a lot about the fact the Industrial Economy is dysfunctional, … Continue reading

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Sunday Open Thread – August 26, 2007

Cartoon (via StrangeMaps) from Rhymes With Orange What I’m thinking about, and planning on writing (and podcasting) about soon:The Paradoxes of Growth and the Causes of Corporate Pathology: There is a series of paradoxes and constraints that leads corporations to … Continue reading

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Saturday Links for the Week – August 25, 2007

100 mile radius from my home. About 60% of what I eat, and buy, comes from inside the circle. Not enough. Globally, Things Keep Spiraling Out of Control… Canada’s Cops Continue to Slide into US-style Corruption and Brutality: For the … Continue reading

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The Sixteen Essential Capacities of Community

Capacity for: Actions: 1. ATTENTION sense, probe, observe, listen, find patterns 2. INSTINCT perceive, intuit, let come, know subconsciously 3. APPRECIATION discover, play, learn, laugh, understand, thank 4. REFLECTION suspend, consider, open, let go, entertain, explore 5. INTENTION love, have … Continue reading

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Finding the Work You Were Meant to Do

The first part of my upcoming book on Working Naturally and Natural Enterprise focuses on gauging your readiness for natural work, an explanation of how it differs from the kinds of work most people do today, and the challenge of … Continue reading

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Spare Struggling Nations from Executives Without Borders

An article in this month’s S+B by Economist writer Jon Ledgard suggests that business executives in the affluent nations should be spreading the gospel of globalization, ‘free’ trade and the ‘market’ economy in Africa to save it “from total collapse”. … Continue reading

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Toxins for Fun and Profit

Alberta Tar Sands sludge mining, in what used to be pristine boreal forest. Photo: Melina Mara, Washington Post .In a recent speech, a former premier says Alberta will have to go to the Supreme Court to defend the oil industry’s … Continue reading

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