alan & morva's cat
One of the cats to whom my brother and sister-in-law belong, overseeing travel arrangements

movement and stillness:
the cat is the master of masquerade
s/he will appear to be what s/he is not
intersecting with our lives to the extent such adaptation
is necessary for comfort, and mutual appreciation

s/he understands the importance of play
and will demonstrate each game, and then
to the extent we cannot learn the rules adeptly
will play down to our level

the purpose of the game is not to win or to impress
but to learn,
to perceive, to practice, to achieve mastery

the cat’s self-sufficiency is far from antisocial,
its purpose is to maximize resilience,
the essence of responsibility to community:
not to be a burden to those one loves

a life of joy and purposefulness
of grace and imagination
in now time —

where stillness and movement
are one

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2 Responses to carnal

  1. Connie says:

    This is the essence of what I’ve been thinking about my cat lately–especially the joy part. Said better than I could have. Thanks for this gorgeous bit.

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