Sunday Open Thread — November 18, 2007

christer rosewell
Image by Christer Rosewell

What I’m Thinking of Writing (and Podcasting) About Soon:

Principles of Natural Polyamorous Community: I’ve found a remarkable woman in Second Life (or rather, we’ve found each other) who shares my vision for creating an intentional polyamorous community (we actually share a lot more). Like Noah, or Adam and Eve, we’re going to build it in Second Life, carefully adding one couple at a time we both love, who share our values, philosophy and lifestyle, and work out, together, the social principles by which it operates, all built on generosity and abundance of love. And I thought my life couldn’t get any better!

Coping With the Strategy Paradox: I met recently with Michael Raynor, who wrote The Strategy Paradox. He’s now looking at what else we can do to deal with this paradox, and he poked some holes in my argument that what we need is resilience, not planning.

The Evolving Role of the Information Professional: Since I listed the five major ‘products’ of my new employer, some people have suggested that this list might define the new role of the information professional in all sorts of organizations.

Gangs and the Malleability of Human Ethics: Observers of the now decade-long intractable genocides and civil wars in Darfur, Somalia, Chad, Zaire and other African nations describe the same gang phenomena repeated endlessly: Men horrifically tortured and slaughtered, women systematically and repeatedly raped, children kidnapped and forced into slavery and military duty, animals and other resources stolen, and villages burned to the ground. What is it about human nature that so many can perpetrate such atrocities for so long without remorse?

Vignette #7

Blog-Hosted Conversation #4: Inevitably, my fourth podcast will be about love and/or Intentional Community. Not sure who it will be with, yet.

Possible Open Thread Question:

What’s the most romantic song, and the most romantic movie, you know?

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2 Responses to Sunday Open Thread — November 18, 2007

  1. melisa Christensen says:

    Song; Everybody Here Wants You by Jeff Buckley

  2. TG says:

    Freedom from Oil

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