Friday Flashback — Ten Things to Do When You’re Blue

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A few readers have suggested that I should repost some of my more popular and durable articles from time to time, since blog articles tend to get lost in the archives. So since I don’t normally post on Fridays, I thought I’d make this a Friday feature.

This week I thought I’d point you to Ten Things to Do When You’re Blue, an article from April 2006. I thought it might be useful at this time of year for readers who are still (or again) searching for a one truelove, or who have chosen to limit themselves to that ;-)

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1 Response to Friday Flashback — Ten Things to Do When You’re Blue

  1. Liked that one Dave – good advice as usual.The “learn something new” item at No.1 is my downfall in fact … it becomes a monumental displacement activity for all sorts of productive things I really should be doing when my motivation is dampened.So much reading of blogs can be justified as learning something new every day – but all things in moderation I guess.

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