Saturday Links of the Week — February 16, 2008

allony sunset by aboslutely nothing
photo: Allonby Sunset by UK photographer Tristan Campbell at Absolutely Nothing

Love Conversation Community:

Cassanda relates a lovely conversation with a woman who works with the dying.

Communicatrix relates advice to young women reaching the age of majority.

Dustin Rivers explains how the industrial education model helped damage indigenous culture, and why the unschooling, natural in-community education model of aboriginal peoples was so much more effective. Thanks to Chris for the link.


Building with Garbage: Check out the new film Garbage Warrior, about eco-architect Mike Reynolds’ fully sustainable buildings made entirely from the refuse of modern civilization. Thanks to Michael Serres for the link.

Dubai’s Eco-Catastrophe: Emulating the extravagant waste of Las Vegas, Dubai’s obscenely rich oil magnates are creating an energy-squandering playground and retreat for the obscenely rich around the world. These pictures of growth run amok are unforgettable. Page takes a long time to load because of allthe pictures. Thanks to Charles Hall for the link.

Letting-Oneself-Change, Becoming a Model:

Evelyn suggests we each need to become the person we desperately seek (consistent with my message earlier this week that we need experimenters and not leaders), and also proposes that it’s time to start adopting and funding (through microgrants) good artists again.

Jason at Anthropik is struggling with his personal rewilding project, but has some nifty new natural walking shoes and is using a virtuous cycle approach to turning things around.

Urban designer Kate McMahon is trying to make her own neighbourhood of Melbourne ecologically sustainable.

Personal Stuff:

Discussion on Polyamorism: Mia’s latest post on our joint blog is on some of the conversation we’ve had with others on Intentional Community and polyamorism in particular.

Recognition for HtStW: My blog has been nominated by Niall Cook for an Enterprise 2.0 award.

My Whereabouts: I’ll be at the Northern Voice social networking conference in Vancouver on Friday & Saturday (Feb. 22-23). If you’ll be there and want to meet up, e-mail me.

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