Invitation to KMWorld 2009

BLOG Invitation to KMWorld 2009


I’m not sure whether, since I’m retiring soon, I’ll be invited to present at Knowledge Management conferences from now on. So if you’re able to make it to KMWorld 2009 in San Jose November 16-19 this year, I’d love to see you. I’m running a half-day workshop, Introducing Web 2.0 to Your Organization: A Practical Guide, on Monday, November 16. Then on Tuesday November 17 I’m doing a presentation on Risk Management: A KM Approach, as well as serving on a panel later in the day. The links above are to my Slideshare presentation decks for the workshop and presentation, which you can download if you want to assess whether they’re worth attending. Always the best part of these conferences is the networking between the sessions, though. More on the conference here. Full brochure here.

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  1. vera says:

    Kunstler says he just finished the sequel. We’ll see if it is any better, now that he’s had more time to think stuff through. I was rather disappointed with the book… seemed written too fast, too shallow, logic lapses and all. And people were just longing for the good ole days… understandable but uninspiring.Good luck with your book! I think you are absolutely right… it will be surprising and not quite imaginable by us… if we make it.

  2. kim sbarcea says:

    Just because you’re “retiring” (I prefer to say retreating) doesn’t mean you won’t be asked to present at KM conferences or that your opinion won’t be sought. After all, your opinions as a “retiree” I would think might be far more valid as you will have better to reflect on society as it hurtles towards its inevitable end.

  3. Jon Husband says:

    I’ll see you there. It will be good to re-connect.

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