here be my place presently

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here be my place presently

the chemistry of love consumes my heart and fills my days
with dopamine, testosterone and oxytocin haze.
i lose myself, time stops, and as the world is born anew
the only truth i know is that my place is here, with you.

but then, as i get overwhelmed, my sense of self returns:
the peace and joy of solitude, and personal concerns
come back to fore, sweet company of me, my private zone,
and only then i realize my place is off, alone.

and then the restlessness returns for social interplay,
the urging to collaborate, exchange, converse, convey:
both virtual and physical, to show, to learn, to be
in that collective paradise, my place, community.

until that urban crowding closes in, oppressively
and all that i can think of’s getting out and being free,
away from noise, machines, and anything that causes stress
and then i know that, naturally, my place is wilderness.

in love in solitude in company in wilderland:
to reconcile these places, first i had to understand
there is this place, this “sweet spot”, where the four converge as one
and that is where my life-long search for home at last is done:

this place is anywhere, a place that i create, in space
and in or out of time, an intersection, land of grace

and i invite you, welcome, here to this, my humble place.

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  1. Graced, humbled, invited, indeed.Thank you, Dave. This is beautiful.

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