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A Model of Identity and Community

Aaron Williamson, a consultant in Toronto, recently published a fascinating model of the community aspects of identity as the first step towards developing a theory of community formation. The model so far is explained on his blog and I’d recommend … Continue reading

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The Death of Imagination

NASA depiction of Earth’s night sky in 3.75B years when the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies are colliding Imagination is the capacity to conjure up ideas, stories, prose, poetry, music, images, and ways to deal with problems and predicaments, seemingly … Continue reading

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i wish i could love you better, world: i try so hard to learn from you, hear you, see you, really touch you, to connect with you, all-life-on-Earth more fully, to be present with you, to stop my head from … Continue reading

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Enough to Go Around: The Case for Community Currency

One of the paradoxes of industrial civilization is that in most communities we have, simultaneously: 1. many unmet needs: for affordable housing, healthy local food, meaningful livelihoods, real communities, and the need for ‘more time’, and 2. many unused capacities: … Continue reading

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Understanding the Complicity That is You: An Existential Exercise

I‘m doing an offline writing exercise, self-invented, to try to get a better understanding of my sense of continued self-dissatisfaction. It was inspired by a set of questions from Oriah: What if instead of asking why I am so infrequently … Continue reading

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