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The Death of Truth: A World Where Lying Pays

The character that is not me lies in the sun on the warm tropical beach, listening to the roar of the surf. It has no choice in this — it is conditioned to prefer warmth and sun and surf over … Continue reading

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The Language of our Eyes

image from pixabay CC0 I’ve written about body language before. It’s fascinating to study the unspoken messages we send with our eyes, our faces, our tone of voice, our hands, and our whole bodies. But it can be dangerous (and … Continue reading

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The Technologies I’ll Miss

photo from the good folks at pixabay As our civilization slowly falls apart over the coming decades, there are some technologies I will miss a lot more than others. Some of these are obvious — it’s now hard to imagine living … Continue reading

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The Fortune-Teller

This is a work of fiction. Image from Max Pixel, cc0. Photoshopped with ‘watercolour’ effect. I had noticed the lemonade stand each time I had passed, but I hadn’t had time to stop before. It was an impressive stand, by … Continue reading

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